Fleshlight GO vs. Fleshlight Flight

Girl holding the fleshlight Flight

We’ve been doing a lot of Fleshlight comparisons lately.

We told you about the Fleshlight Go in this review. We also talked about the Fleshlight Surge and the Torque. Then we compared the Fleshlight GO to the Classic. The GO came out ahead on nearly every metric there.

Now we want to compare the Fleshlight GO to another option that we haven’t mentioned yet. The Fleshlight Flight.

You know all about the GO. You’ve read that there are two options, the pink Surge and the clear Torque ICE and that with 6.5”, they’re smaller in size than the Classic Fleshlight.

Let’s talk about the Flight now because this is another great option for a bunch of different reasons:

Fleshlight Flight

The Flight has two different options. The Flight Pilot and the Flight Instructor. They are both a tick smaller than the GO with 6” of insertable length.

The Flights were designed with an ergonomic case in mind. The classic “flashlight” case that the GO has is replaced with a sleek and textured case that’s easy to hold and doesn’t at all look like a sex toy when it’s sitting on your shelf.

Fleshlight flight Pilot Case

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot

The Pilot is the black version of the Flight.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot - Fleshlight reviews

You can see that the outside of the case is textured and looks easy to hold. Myself, I have an average sized cock and, not surprisingly, averaged sized hands. The last thing I want to be worried about when I’m batin’ is not being able to grip the Fleshlight properly to get the exact speed that I want.

Or you may remember when the Wii video game console first came out and people were chucking their remotes through their TVs? I most definitely would have a hard time explaining a Fleshlight through my 4K TV.

fleshlight review - flight pilot sleeve

The texture is good. It’s not as complicated as some of the other Fleshlight sleeves but it starts out very tight and goes through some nubs and finally a ribbed portion. Sometimes I think that the specifics of the textures really matters and other times I just know that it feels good on my cock and I’m ok with that.

Incidently, the texture is almost the same, but not identical to the GO Torque ICE.

The Fleshlight Flight Instructor

Fleshlight review - the flight instructor orifice

The Flight Instructor is the white version of the Flight. I’m not here to debate the wisdom of a white tool that you grip furiously in your sweaty hands. I haven’t used the Instructor more than a few times so I can’t comment on how white the case actually stays.

Fleshlight Review - Flight instructor texture

Interestingly, the Flight Instructor is more than just a different colour. The sleeve is completely different too. Of the two, the Instructor (in white) is definitely the “less textured” of the two.

While it’s not a completely smooth ride, it’s much less nubby and bumpy than the Pilot and, because of the similarity, the GO as well.

Similar to the GO, the orifices on both the Pilot and the Instructor aren’t vaginas. They’re that swirly vortex that doesn’t look like anything.

This is especially good if you have a hard time concentrating while you’re masturbating. Sometimes if my Fleshlight is too realistic, my mind goes to really fucked up places that actually ends up hindering my orgasm more than anything. I like to keep it more neutral with these orifices.

Here’s the Fleshlight GO vs. Fleshlight Flight breakdown for youfleshlight review - girl holding flight

You might prefer theFleshlight Flight if:

  • You live with people that might see your Fleshlights and you want to be discreet
  • You have a hard time gripping the cases of other Fleshlights
  • You don’t like vaginas or feel weird fucking a fake vagina.
  • You want more texture than the Classic but nothing too complicated (choose Instructor then)

You might prefer the Fleshlight GO if:

  • You want to be able to see your penis as you’re masturbating/cumming (choose GO Torque Ice)
  • You want all 6.5” of insertable length
  • You want a fairly complex texture

If you want to pick one of these up, just head over to the official Fleshlight website.

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