Fleshlight GO vs. Fleshlight Classic

Fleshlight Classic vs. Fleshlight Go

Generally speaking, most of us have an average penis size.

If you were wondering, the average penis size is just a bit over 5” long while erect. That’s measuring from the top.

So I sometimes wonder why Fleshlight felt like they had to design the Classic Fleshlight to have 8.5” of insertable length.

I guess back when you could choose only the one type of Fleshlight, they wanted to make sure that none of the big dick men were excluded from their product.

Here, I’d like to talk about the Fleshlight Classic vs. the Fleshlight GO.  I’ve already talked at some length about the GO in my Fleshlight Go Review, so maybe check that out first. The main difference between the two is that the Fleshlight GO is the smaller version of the Classic.

I’m going to make this really easy on you and give you the main point now:

If you aren’t sporting a monster cock, you should choose the Fleshlight GO.

I love how Fleshlight markets their GO line as portable. It’s not, hey, here’s our small dick option. To be fair, it’s not for small dicks, it’s for normal dicks. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a normal dick and my normal dick fits better into the GO than the Classic.

So here are the details of the two:

Fleshlight Classic

Pink Lady Classic Fleshlight showing the lady orifice

This is the Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady. It’s the original Fleshlight that still looked like a flashlight, especially when the lid is on!

The classic also comes in butt and mouth versions, but let’s stick with the vagina for now.

The Pink lady is made from the same Fleshlight material that we’ve all come to love. It’s soft and inviting and feels fantastic on your penis when you insert it into the hole.

Here’s where the pink lady sort of falls short. The texture.

fleshlight classic pink lady texture

It’s a hollow tube. If I had never had sex with a vagina and ALSO never had sex with some of Fleshlight’s super complex textures, I’m sure I would think that this is awesome.


If we’re being honest, it’s kind of boring. The one thing it’s got going for it is that it’s a fairly snug fit. I’m not saying that I cannot cum with the Classic Pink Lady. Let’s be real here, once you get some lube in there and get stroking, yeah you can ride the Pink Lady to cum city.

It’s just that it’s pretty boring. A vagina isn’t a straight tube; it’s full of textures and bends and clenching muscles. Even if you wanted to try and squeeze some parts a little bit, the hard case make that impossible.

All in all, if you’ve buying a Fleshlight for your seventeen year old, 6’10” foot tall, basketball playing nephew who you’re sure isn’t getting laid (you’re an awesome uncle btw), the Classic is perfect.

For most of us, however, we want a Flesh light that isn’t a foot long and feels a little bit more like a vagina. We choose other Fleshlights like the Fleshlight GO.

Fleshlight Go

Fleshlight Go Review - Surge Texture

There. That looks a little bit more interesting for my penis. This is the Fleshlight GO Surge.

It’s been mentioned before but the GO is the “portable” version of the Classic. It has an insertable length of 6.5”, which is more than enough for a good majority of men. It’s also a bit narrower so if you’ve got a Coke bottle between your legs, I would suggests something different.

There are two options when choosing the GO:

Fleshlight Go Surge

Fleshlight review - go surge lady orifice

See? This looks exactly like the Classic Fleshlight. If you didn’t know that a larger option existed, you would be perfectly happy with this one.

The other option is the Go Torque Ice. And this is really fucking cool.

Fleshlight GO review - the go torque ICE orifice

Yup, that’s right. It’s clear. You get to see your cock as you’re stroking away. It doesn’t have a “lady” orifice. It’s more like a vortex and it’s especially excellent if you’re not all that into pussy.

So, it’s clear and it actually magnifies your dick a little bit. The other magical thing about the GO Ice is that women go nuts over it! They love to use it on men because they can see everything happen and see the final money shot.

Fleshlight Go review - go torque ICE sleeve

Here’s the breakdown of Fleshlight Classic vs. Fleshlight GO:

Choose the Classic if:

  • Your penis is over 6.5” long when erect
  • You can cum very easily or want to prolong your pleasure
  • You haven’t had much experience with other Fleshlights or vaginas.

Choose the GO if:

  • Your penis is under 6.5” long when erect
  • You have some sexual experience and want a more textured sleeve
  • You want to use the Fleshlight with your partner.

You can read more reviews, compare pricing, and see more options at the official Fleshlight website 


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