Fleshlight Go Torque Vs Go Surge

Examining the Differences Between the Fleshlight Go Torque and the Go Surge

Okay okay, so a couple weeks ago┬áI posted my Fleshlight Go Review. I went back and read through it the other day and I realized that I didn’t get into as much detail in regards to the different available options for the Fleshlight Go itself. Seeing as how there are two different versions of it, I am going to give you guys a comparison of both of them.

If you did indeed read my first article, you will already know that the Fleshlight Go is an exact replica of the Classic, just with smaller dimensions. The reduction of 1.5″ in length and 0.5″ in diameter makes it more fitting for the average size cock.

But this review isn’t about the differences between the Go and the Classic, I wanted to get into the differences between the Go Torque and the Go Surge.

Fleshlight Go Torque Vs Go Surge
As you can see in this picture, they are exactly the same, yet completely different.

Fleshlight Go Torque

The Go Torque is the transparent version of the two Fleshlights. The orifice(opening) is kind of a turbine-looking pattern. It doesn’t look like a pussy. Or a vagina. Or a mouth. Mind you, the entire Fleshlight is see through, so I don’t think they were trying to achieve a physical likeness to a pussy.

Even though it doesn’t look like your fucking a pussy when you use it, it gives you and entirely different show. You get to watch your cock go in and out. You watch your cock get pleasured by this artificial vagina. Then you get the satisfaction of watching your own cumshot at the end. Awesome.

Oh, and it turns out that women LOVE to use it in the bedroom on you. The clear case allows them to watch you get hard, and it gets them going as much as you.

Fleshlight Go Surge

Now the Go Surge has the traditional appearance of the Fleshlight. Black case, flesh colored sleeve, and the opening looks like a vagina. Works awesome for simulating the experience of sticking your cock in someone

.The sleeve texture itself is what I felt was a strong point for the Go Surge. I don’t know why, but the criss-crossed ridges combined with the soft little extruding nubs just absolutely blew my mind as they rubbed against my cock.

And this one looks a lot less like a sex toy than the Torque, should it be seen out in the open.

Overall, there isn’t really much difference between these two variations. If you are lucky enough to have a lady in your life, the Go Torque is definitely the way to go. Having a sex toy that you can introduce┬áinto the bedroom that brings pleasure to both parties involved Is an awesome thing to have.

But if you just love to sit in front of your computer, watch some porn, and rub one out, go with the Surge. The sleeve texture of the Surge is definitely the better between the two.

You can visit the official Fleshlight website if you want to pick on up for yourself.

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