Fleshlight Go Review

Fleshlight. Everyone has heard about it. Everyone knows what it is and what it does (you stick your cock in it, just in case you somehow didn’t know). Did you know that there is also a Fleshlight Quickshot? A Fleshlight Flight? A Fleshlight Go? Neither did I. Thankfully, I read a few reviews on Fleshlights that opened my eyes to a bright new world. That post taught me just how many different options there were out there for male sex toys. And now, here I am, a proud owner of my very own Fleshlight Go.

My First Fleshlight

I’m going to start with a little back story. I bought a Fleshlight from Amazon just over a year ago. I went in doing no research. I knew absolutely nothing except for reading the reviews on Amazon:

Bro. one touch ..just a couple inches in this and you will be ready to buss!!! This product is a great way to increase stamina so that when you get up on that cutie with a smile you can make it last forever just like Keith Sweat says.

Love watching the hubby use it and using it on him. Great product.

fap fap fap!

I pushed the buy now button and the next day it showed up on my doorstep. It was the Fleshlight Classic. And it was okay. Wasn’t spectacular, but also wasn’t horrible. I would describe how I felt about it with one word – “eh”. So, you can see how I might have been a little hesitant on buying an additional Fleshlight. But I did. And I am glad I did.

Here’s why.

The Fleshlight Go is Smaller

Let me put it this way, I will never be a pornstar strictly due to the size of my penis. I am as average as average can be. And the Fleshlight Classic needs to also accommodate men that are more endowed than I am. So it really felt like there was a lot of wasted real estate with it. When I learned that the Fleshlight Go was smaller than the classic that I already owned, I jumped on it right away.

Fleshlight Go vs Fleshlight Classic

If you can somehow manage to stop looking at the naked woman behind the Fleshlights, you can see the size comparison. The Go cuts a solid 1.5 inches off the total length and about half an inch off the diameter. Not only does it fit better in your hand, but the reduced diameter makes the Fleshlight feel tighter around your cock. No complaints there.

The Fleshlight Go Is Easier to Clean

Anyone that already owns a Fleshlight, knows that it is a pain in the ass to clean. You don’t just get to throw the tissues away after you cum. Unfortunately, the Fleshlight Go isn’t getting any rewards in this area either. It’s still a pain in the ass. But it’s not AS BIG of a pain in the ass. It only took a couple hours to air dry compared to nearly a full day for the classic. Quick clean up time means you get to use it more often.

Angled view of the Fleshlight Go

You Get A Wider Range Of Sensations With the Fleshlight Go

Remember when I said the Classic felt like there was a lot of wasted real estate? Well, that goes hand in hand with what I am saying here. You don’t get to feel the entire length of the textured sleeves. But, with the Go, you cock experiences more of what the texture has to offer. The full length of the sleeve gets used.

Front View of the Fleshlight Go

The Downsides

I enjoy this toy, I really do. But it’s not for everyone. There are a couple areas it falls short.

  • It’s a damn good thing my cock is of average size. If your cock is longer than, let’s say 6.5 inches, this toy really isn’t for you. Using the Go will feel like you’re teasing just the head of your penis. You will bottom out and not get the full sensation. Go with one of the full size Fleshlights if you’re lucky enough to have a monster dong.
  • I know I said it’s easier to clean than the Classic. And it is. BUT IT’S STILL A PAIN IN THE ASS. I don’t want to have to leave my masturbator out in the open for several hours, waiting for it to dry. You CAN stick it in front of a fan, but all this just seems like it’s complicating a simple process.
  • There are only two sleeve textures you can get. The fullsize Fleshlights come with a plethora of options for how you want the inside to feel like, and the outside to look like. The Go gives you a whopping two options…

Should You Buy a Fleshlight Go?

So, the burning question in everyone’s head, should you buy a Fleshlight Go? If your cock is longer than 6.5″ long, stay away. You will be sorely disappointed. Go with one of the fullsize Fleshlights.

But, if you are of average length(like the majority of us are), this Fleshlight is perfect for you. It has a smaller physical footprint, making storage easier. It ends up being slightly tighter because the diameter is less. And the dry time is reduced considerably compared to the classic.

 If you want to purchase one, head on over to fleshlight.com and pick one up yourself!

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